The Mo Story

Saturday, August 29, 2009

So one day my phone rings and the girl on the other end is looking for my recently out of jail brother. She says she was in with him and wanted to see him. I told her he was back in, but she should talk to me because I'm the cooler, older version of him. I started off by asking if she wanted to come over to my house and blow me. When she wasn't immediately offended I knew I had something special. She said she lived about an hour away and needed a ride. I told her to hitch hike and I'd see her that night. I gave her my address half expecting some jealous boyfriend showing up with his bros to kick my ass and not at all expecting to ever see this chick.

So around 9 that night there is a knock at my door interrupting my episode of Quantum Leap (great fucking show). I opened the door and found two girls. One was cute, with long blond hair, and a nice little body. The other was her fat friend. Which do you think was there to suck dick? I invited them in and immediately took the fatty to my room to see how serious she was about sucking dick. To my surprise she dropped to her knees and sucked my dick like she had diabetes and my nut was her insulin. After zipping up I told her I was going to sleep and her friend (cutie) could sleep in my room while she (Mo, the reason for the name later) could sleep in the garage on some cardboard used to catch the oil leak from my moms car. Having absolutely no self esteem, Mo agreed. So did cutie to my dismay.

In the morning I told Mo that I was on my way to school and for her not to leave because I would be coming home with my friends for her to suck. She said ok and off I went. When I got to school I told some friends that Mo was at my house and ready to suck. They were excited. As the day wore on guys I barely knew were coming up to me and asking if I had a prostitute at my house. I said, "no, just a slut." Some high five'd (a perfectly acceptable response in '93), some asked to come over, and others just shook their heads. Girls who came up to me were less congratulatory. One girl stormed up to me and said "you are going to jail for what you are doing to that poor girl". I said, "hell maybe, not jail."

So about lunch time the excitement was like Christmas morning and we couldn't wait any more. Six of us ditched school and headed for my house. We got to my house and I opened my bedroom door expecting my stereo to be gone with no Mo in sight, but there she was. Sitting on the edge of my bed waiting like I told her to. I asked who wanted to go first. They were hesitant, thinking it was some kind of joke. To prove to them she was all about the cock I walked over, whipped it out, and she started sucking. I told them to form a line outside. After finishing my business I walked out to find a homemade now serving sign and my friends all had numbers. One by one they went in and were serviced. After about the 6th load, Mo came out and asked for a drink of water because she had cotton mouth. JW went to get her a drink. She then pulled a picture of a guy out and said "This is my fiancee, the only man I ever loved". JW, grabbed the picture and ripped it in two. He then splashed the water in her face and told her "We don't want to hear your life story, get back in there and suck dick". She said "You guys are assholes. Except JN, he treated me with respect and even kissed me." We couldn't believe JN did this. Apparently he thought this was all some kind of joke to make him look stupid. He thought he needed to finesse her. He was wrong. Mo, embarrassed now, slunk back in the room for more cock.. About that time a guy named BT showed up. He said he was just passing by and wanted to see if it was true. He was the kind of guy who would never get laid so we let him cut in line.

My mom was about to get off work so we had to speed things up. We sent JH and BT (both overweight losers) in at the same time. Like the slut she was she took them both. By this time the group consisted of about 9 guys, Mo, and cutie (she was ashamed of Mo and stayed in the other room). We were on our way out to a party in the desert. We took Mo and cutie with us as proof as much as anything. Half way through the night we left without the two girls. We never saw them again. When someone asked what her name was, JH said it was Mo because there was Mo of her and she sucked Mo dick. Very appropriate I think.


Anonymous said...

Heard this one and everytime I just think WOW, just WOW! Where were you when I was in High School!

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