Border Patrol Cops are Nice

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So I was riding in the back of CR's truck on our way home from Yuma, AZ (close to the Mexican Border). The truck had a camper shell. The back of his truck was filled with band equipment so I was next to the tailgate. I also had this slut in the back riding with me. I figured 3 hours with her was a guaranteed lay. I was right.

About 20 minutes into our drive I started putting on my moves (begging mostly) and she said ok. We got our clothes off and started to go at it. A few minutes later I saw all these lights and noticed we were slowing down. Not caring what might be going on, I continued. We then came to a complete stop. I told the slut not to worry, CR is probably just taking a leak. She said ok and I continued drilling. I then heard someone asking CR where he was coming from. He said Yuma. The voice asked if he had any illegals in his car. We were at an illegal alien check point.

I got off the slut and we scrambled to find our clothes in the dark. Realizing we didn't have time to get dressed, she just covered her face. A light from a flashlight started shining in the back of the truck. As it made its way to us, it stopped on her body. It went up then down. The light then shines on me. I just smiled still sporting a raging hard on. The light then went back on her tits (which were real and spectacular). I saw the face of a border patrol officer appear in the window. He gave me a thumbs up and walked away.

I was very thankful for not being dragged out in front of everyone naked with a boner. With the ordeal over I started pounding her again. She seemed pretty much unfazed but that is probably because she was (and is still, for all I know) a dirty slut.


Anonymous said...

Great story Stylez. But if she was and still is a dirty slut, I wonder if you were wearing a raincoat for willy. No STD's?
Be careful or joint will shrivel and fall off. LOL. Take care.


Stylez said...

I don't believe in STD's. They are a figment of my doctors imagination.

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