Masterbating on the Job

Saturday, September 12, 2009

So my buddy KL worked for this houseboat rental company. He was always saying how easy it was and how good the pay was so I asked him to get CR and myself a job there. He called later that day and said we were hired and we could start the next day. We had to be there at six in the morning.

So on our first day, CR, KL, and I all showed up at about seven. KL said nobody cared at this place. My kind of job. So we grabbed our cleaning supplies and headed to the beach where the boats were. After about an hour we decided we'd had enough work for the day. We went inside the boat and took naps. We woke up at one in the afternoon and decided it was time for lunch. We left and came back at three to clock out. Not a bad first day if you ask me. So the next few weeks were a lot like the first day. We would show up late, not work, break stuff, and leave.

The company hired some hot girls to clean the inside of the boats. KL, CR, and I would hang out on their boat and watch them work in their bikinis. After a hard day of watching the girls and breaking the cabinet in a boat we headed over to a secluded part of the beach where they kept boats that needed to be fixed. KL and I went on top of the boat to lay down while CR went down stairs to lay in a bed. After about an hour our boss showed up looking for us. She walked in the lower part of the boat first. She walked down the hall and looked in one of the rooms to find CR jerking it like he was alone. He saw her and jumped up covering his hard pecker. She continued walking down the hall without saying a word. She came up the stairs and said "KL meet me in my office!" She left and KL and I went down stairs to find CR. He didn't mention his close encounter.

We headed back to the office so KL could meet with our boss. He went in the room and returned after about fifteen minutes. He told us we had been warned about masterbating on the job. A fucking warning! Imagine getting caught playing with yourself at your job and only getting a warning. That's what we got. CR then told us about his encounter. We laughed our asses off.


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