"You ever fuck a santa?"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So JH had this slut in my bedroom and for some reason she was going to fuck him. Figuring if she was going to fuck him then she would probably fuck JW and myself as well. About ten minutes after he went in the room JW and I opened the door to see if he was taking care of business. He was on top of her wearing only a Santa hat. He was out of breath, but asking her "have you ever fucked a Santa?" He noticed us and yelled, "Get the fuck out or you won't get a turn!" We closed the door. Assuming that after "fucking a Santa" she was not going to be down with giving it up to the rest of us. We figured the next best thing was to ruin it for him (he would have done the same thing for us).

I called for my mom to come in the room. I asked her if she would go in my room and get me a cd. She said "Why, who is in there?" I said "nobody, just get it." She knew something was up but still went in. JW and I were laughing at the thought of JH being embarrassed. We obviously underestimated JH. My mom walked in and yelled, "Oh my god JH!" He said, "get the fuck out of here, can't you see Santa is delivering some Christmas joy?" The girl was embarrassed and covered her face. While still pumping away JH said "never mind, you can come in haha." My mom slammed the door and walked out. She said we were sick.

A few minutes later JH came out of the room. He said to my mom "Did you like what you saw?" JW and I were rolling on the floor laughing. My mom said, "from what I could see it looked like a gummi worm." Without missing a beat JH said, "that gummi worm made your son." My mom stormed out as we continued laughing. We walked in my room to see if the slut was down for any more. Strangely enough she left without saying goodbye. Guess she was going to get coal in her stocking.



No, but I blew an Elf, or was that a Mexican from Jalisco?

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