Icy Hot

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So there I am, trying to convince my then girlfriend to give up some anal. After telling her that other girls actually prefer anal, (can't believe that didn't work) I was just about to give up for the night and just be thankful I was still going to get some when I thought of one more angle. I told her it feels so much better with lube (so I've heard). When she didn't immediately shoot it down I knew I was on to something. I told her a million gays couldn't be wrong. She relented, intrigued by the suggestion or more likely my persistence.

I looked around for something I could use as lube and all I could find was Icy Hot. Not wanting to pass up a good butt fucking, I took it out. She said, "But won't that burn?" I said, "No, it will just add a slight warming sensation." She agreed. So I took the tube of Icy Hot and squirted a bunch right up her ass. I then applied a bit to my cock. I stuck it in and started to pump. At first it was just warm and felt pretty good. After about 30 seconds the burning started. I realized it's now a race against time. The burning was unbearable and she had started to cry from the pain, but I wasn't going to go through this and not get off. Lucky for me I came pretty quickly.

I pulled out and started wailing in pain. She was curled up in a ball on the bed crying. She cried out, "It ran out of my ass onto my pussy and now it burns!" I had it all over my cock and balls and was standing in my closet wrapping my cock with a shirt and yelling, "fuck me!" Not thinking clearly, I decide to run to the bathroom and jump in the shower. Of course the water just intensified the burning causing me to drop to the floor in tears. After about ten minutes I could finally get up and go back to my room. She was gone.

The next morning my roommate asked what had happened last night. I asked her what she meant. She said she had heard me screaming, "Oh fuck my cock and balls!" and a girls voice sobbing, "My asshole is on fire!". I told her not to worry about it and went to work. I am still a little gun shy when I even smell Icy Hot. Not anal though. Still love it.


Destiny said...

Think I peed myself from laughing on this too!

Anonymous said...

BY FAR my favorite! Too too freaking funny!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha holy shit... "my asshole is on fire!" HAHA

Anonymous said...

Wimps. I put icyhot in my ass all the time. It feels sooooo good especially when the "icy" parts cools the burning sensation. Ah its great. I love it.

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