Mistaken Identity (The strike out)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So I was tour manager for this band from Arizona and we were on our way to California for a show. I was in the passengers seat when I saw this hottie driving down the I-10 next to us. I started waving to get her attention and she finally noticed me. I was still riding high on my Blink bj from a few weeks prior so I figured I'd use that card again. I got out a notebook and wrote on it "You like punk music?" and held it up to the window so she could see it. She nodded in approval. I then wrote "Have you heard of Blink-182?" She nodded. I wrote "Well this is Blink and we are playing at The Arena tonight, you should come." She held up a piece of paper that said "Call me with details" with her number on it. I thought I might have to send Blink-182 a gift basket or something.

After arriving at the club and taking care of my managerial duties(glorified gofer) I found the nearest phone and called the I-10 chick. She answered and said she had some friends that wanted to come and if I could get them all in. I thought one thing and one thing only, orgy. Could I be that lucky? Almost certainly no, but this time I had the ability to get as many people in as I wanted so I told her no problem. She said she would meet me in front of the club at 8:00. I told her I would see her then.

At 8:00 I walked out to the front of the club and saw the I-10 chick with a small group of people. To my surprise most of them were dudes. Hoping they were not the friends she spoke of, I introduced myself. She said "I'm so thankful you are able to get me and my boyfriend and his friends into the show." Her goddamn BOYFRIEND! The guy looked like a real tool and kept starring at me as if my plan was to bang his girl for getting her into this show. What a judgmental douche bag. He may have been 100% correct but fuck him and his misleading bitch of a girlfriend.

I said to her, "I need to get your names and go put them on the list." She quickly wrote down five names and handed me the list. I said, with the intention of never seeing her again, "I'll get these to the doorman and see you inside." I walked in the door and tossed the list and went about my business thinking that lightning wasn't going to strike twice.

A couple bands into the show a bouncer came up to me and said, "There are some assholes outside who claim they are on some list and you were getting them in." I said, "I have no idea who they are, call the police if you have to." I know, what a dick, but so what.


Kate said...

Ha ha revenge is sweet!

Kate http://secretofficeconfessions.blogspot.com/

clo said...

She deserved it! Who brings their boyfriend nevermind his friends as well!
Was reading through your past posts was laughing so hard.

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