The Ghost of McCulloch

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So I was having some people over at my place one night. This guy showed up with some girls I had never met before. I introduced myself and told them it was my place and to make themselves at home. One of the girls said she lived at the apartment building across the street. I asked why we had never met and she said she had recently moved there.

After a few hours people started to leave. I offered to walk my new, hot neighbor home. She said ok. I walked her home and told her she could drop by anytime. I was laying my sweet guy routine on pretty thick and was hoping she would respond to it. She said good night and I walked home.

I went to my room to go to sleep. After about 30 minutes I heard my front door open. I figured my roomate was home. Then my bedroom door slowly opened revealing the neighbor girl wearing a long white night gown. She walked in and laid down in my bed next to me. I thought how lucky could I be? She said "I thought you could use some company." I told her I was glad to see her (I know, how smooth). She crawled up next to me and started to kiss me. Score! I immediately pulled up her knight gown and found she had come prepared. She had nothing on under it. Sweet! I figured I'd get her engine going to guarantee some sex so I went down on her.

I was down there for a good ten minutes when I figured she was ready for my cock. I got up and took off my shorts and started to stick it in. She stopped me and said "no." Figuring she need a bit more heating up I started to kiss her again and use my fingers. She said "put those fingers in my asshole." Not one to argue with a good ass fingering I obliged. I had two in the pink and two in the stink. I figured she was ready. I started to line up my cock again and she said "no, I'm not a slut." Strike one. I asked "Are those my fingers in your ass right now?" She said "Shut up and finger my ass." I figured maybe she wanted some anal, I mean after all I did have two fingers ramming her asshole already. I was wrong. When I lined up my cock to put it in her ass she said "I told you I'm not a slut." Strike two. I figured she would at least jerk me off. Wrong again. I tried to put her hand on my dick and she pulled it away like my 7th grade girlfriend did on our bus ride to the Hoover Dam. Now I was a little mad. I figured with all the work I had done I deserved a tug at the very least. I put her hand down there one more time. She pulled it away like it was on fire. Strike three.

Now hard as hell and knowing this bitch wanted nothing to do with my dick I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands (literally). I got on top of her while we were kissing and I started to stroke it. After all the kissing and fingering it didn't take long. I shot a rich and creamy load all over her stomach and chest. She jumped up from the bed and yelled "why the fuck did you do that?" I said "someone had to." She pulled her night gown down and walked out of my room then out the front door. I layed there for a minute thinking what in the fuck had just happened then fell asleep.

The next day I walked out my front door and saw my friend SS standing by his car. He told me he had been outside for a smoke late the night before. He said it was dark when he saw my front door open and this girl in all white had walked out. He said she looked like a ghost the way she appeared and then diappeared into the night. I told him what had happened and he said "I didn't know a ghost could be such a tramp." I never saw that bitch again (common theme with girls I hook up with) so maybe she was a ghost. A ghost who loved to have her ass fingered.


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