The Anatomically Correct Easter Bunny

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So I was working for the city at the annual Easter Egg hunt. I was in charge of line control and photos at the Easter Bunny booth. The event was held outdoors and was attended by several hundred kids and their parents.  MS was scheduled to dress in a giant Easter Bunny suit for pictures with kids. It was a pretty hot day out this Easter Sunday and knowing how hot is was going to be in that suit with kids sitting on his lap, MS decided to strip down to nothing under the bunny costume. Now at this point you might be thinking what a stupid decision that was, and you would be right, but this is MS and God hates him. The bunny suit was about ten years old and was clearly in need of a trip to the dry cleaners and a good seamstress.

I had a line of about thirty kids all excited to see the Easter Bunny when MS arrived waving his over sized hand back and forth. The kids were all screaming like a group of underage and overweight girls at a Hot Topic signing by the cast of Twilight.

One kid after another hopped onto the Easter Bunnies lap and got their picture taken. About twenty kids in, a concerned parent took me aside. She had the Polaroid of her child and the Easter Bunny and said, "I think you should talk to the Easter Bunny and let him know he should have worn shorts today." Puzzled, I asked her what she was talking about. She pointed to the ripped hole in the crotch of the bunny suit and said, "I can see his bunny parts." I looked and there was MS's clearly visible penis. "Look, you can see MS's dick" I gleefully declared.  I was laughing and pointing it out to the other workers.

I walked up to MS and announced to the kids that the Easter Bunny was going to his house for repairs. I whispered into the ear hole of the suit, "Hey moron, your dick is hanging out a hole in the suit." He closed his legs and got up.

We walked up a hill to our office and went inside. MS said, "I could feel a breeze, but thought it was coming from the belly." I asked him if being naked was really the best option he could come up with. He said, "Probably not, but it's fucking hot in that suit." Not as hot as some of the Easter Bunny peepshow pictures some lucky kids got. Happy Easter.


Kate said...

Easter bunny peepshow is so wrong! rabbits scare the crap out of me

Kate xx

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