The 65 year old Oriental woman

Sunday, September 6, 2009

So MS and I were in Las Vegas for the night. I told him we should go to an Oriental massage parlor. He had heard KS and myself talk about how cool the first time we went was so he agreed. First we had to find one. I couldn't remember where KS and I had gone before so I figured we could drive around and just see one. I was wrong. We drove around for about an hour before I stopped at a 7-11 for directions. I went in and asked the teller "Where can my buddy and I find an Oriental massage parlor?" He said, "Do I look like I know where you can find one?" I guess not. I walked out. This guy who was in line said "I'll hook you up with a good one bro." I took down his directions, thanked him, and we were off.

We pulled into this little strip mall. On one side was a vegan grocery story, on the other side was a run down looking record shop, and in the middle was "Asian Massage". We walked in and were greeted by this old looking Oriental woman. She told us to take a seat and she would be right back. The place was decorated like a cheap Chinese food restaurant. It had some cheesy Oriental music playing and had a large Buddha statue in the corner. The old lady returned with a young (not too young, pervert), hot, little oriental beauty. I was thinking I am getting the hottie and MS is getting the oldie, but the oldie grabbed my hand and said, "follow me." Disappointed, I followed. The hottie lead MS to another room.

The old bag told me to undress and closed the door. I could use a good massage and happy ending so I did. I laid down on the table and waited for the wrinkled old bitch to return. A few minutes later the door opened. To my surprise the hottie walked in. I wasn't hard before but that quickly changed. I thought about how unlucky MS was but those thoughts left as soon as her hands touched me. The massage was average at best. She told me to turn over. I happily did revealing my rock hard cock. She rubbed it a little and asked if I wanted her to take off her clothes. "Yes please", I answered quickly (I'm getting half a stalk just typing this). She worked my dick with both hands like a pro. I exploded all over her arm. She wiped me up with a warm towel and thanked me. "No, thank you" I said. Feeling about as relaxed as I could possibly be, I walked out to the lobby.

MS was waiting. I smiled and asked how he liked granny. He was not pleased. I asked him how it went. He said "I don't know why you said these were so cool?" I asked why. He said it started off bad when the old bitch walked in but he figured what the hell. After about 5 minutes of massage time she told him to turn over. He figured it was happy ending time. She grabbed his hand and put it on his own cock. She said "You do, you do." He pulled his hand away and she put it back and repeated "You do." He figured that's what happens so he started tugging himself. She put her hand on his chest and started rubbing his nipple. He shot his load on the table and she handed him a towel and left. He cleaned up and walked out after a total of 15 minutes in the room. I was laughing so hard at him my eyes started to water. I told him about my experience. He said "fuck, why does God hate me?" Why indeed.


Anonymous said...

Good ol' MS, I love that guy!

Nick Stevens said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha! I think I know where that one is... is it off of Sahara buy the Scientologist church? Poor Matt.

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