Celebratory Moons Over My Hammy

Saturday, October 3, 2009

So this slut who I hadn't talked to in awhile called out of the blue and said she was recently single. I assumed she was hinting that she wanted to make up for lost time so I invited her over for a party I was having. Once there SS and I started the full court press on her. We took her in my place and sat her between us on my incredibly small couch. We locked the door so the rest of the party would not ruin what we thought would be a nice little train.

It was dark in the house with the only light being provided by traffic headlights driving by. Because of this, SS and I were kind of clueless as to what the other was doing. It was like we were alone with the girl despite being only a few feet from each other.

We were each trying to convince her to have sex with us. She was laughing and talking dirty but not much else. After a few minutes of hinting I decided to go for it. I pulled my dick out of my pants and put her hand on it. When she did not immediately recoil in horror I knew I was on to something. She stroked it for a few seconds then started to pull it away. I gently returned her hand hand to its previous stroke position and hoped she was done playing hard to jerk. Luckily for me she kept stroking after I removed my hand. I wondered what SS was up to because everyone was silent now, but I figured, who cares, I was getting a good tug job.

After a few minutes I blew a fat load in her hand and on my arm. She pulled her hand away and I looked for something to wipe up with. Being dark and not wanting to get up, the only thing I could think of was to wipe my arm on her hair. So I did. She had a nice splooge streak in her hair but still didn't say a word. I sat there for a minute trying to figure out what SS was doing when I heard him say "OHHHH" and she started to gulp. Apparently she was blowing SS while jerking me. He got the better end of that deal but I didn't mind. I figured things were just getting started. I said to her "Is there something we can do for you now?" As I asked I felt around her thighs and realized she had both hands down her pants and was taking care of herself. I asked, "Can we help you with that?" She responded with an emphatic NO. With my pants still down and starting to get hard again I figured what the hell and started jerking. Apparently SS had the same idea I had because he started jerking as well.

Right then my roommate opened the front door and saw the three of us sitting side by side masturbating. SS with his pants down jerking, the slut with both her hands down her pants and fresh spunk in her hair, and myself with my pants down jerking. My roommate said, "What the fuck are you guys doing?" With the light on I could now see everything. I imagine it must have been a pretty funny sight because he yelled for everyone to come look. The slut pulled her hands out of her pants and hopped off the couch and walked out the door leaving SS and I jerking alone. We quickly pulled up our pants and started to fill in the blanks as to what the other person had done. After some high fiving and laughing we headed to Denny's for a celebratory moons over my hammy. Denny's never tasted so good.


Anonymous said...

that was too sweet man:D

Haste. said...

lol I would have died laughing if I were your roommate. That's pretty epic, I must admit. (:

plentymorefishoutofwater said...

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. Nice blogging though. Made me laugh.
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