Sticky Situation

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

 So my birthday was coming up and my girlfriend asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted her to wear her glasses and blow me so I could shoot a load all over her face and glasses and take some pictures porn style. Not too enthusiastically she agreed. I refrained from masterbation and sex for a week to make sure the load was big.

My birthday finally came and so did I, all over her face and glasses. I was so proud of myself I stood there admiring my work like a proud papa. She started to yell, "Take the fucking picture this shit burns!" I grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots. She made me promise that no one would see the pictures. I promised.

After she left I uploaded the pictures to my computer to make sure I didn't leave them on the camera and accidentally erase them. Once she got home she called me and told me to delete them. I told her I was going to leave them as a comment on her myspace page. She figured I was just bluffing. I was not. I uploaded them to Photobucket and then left a comment with them on her page. Needless to say she immediately deleted them and got pissed and hung up. I thought it was pretty funny but figured if I ever wanted to have sex with this girl again I needed to apologize. I called her and said I was very sorry and I would delete them from my computer. That made her feel better so I deleted them from my computer.

A few months later things were going pretty good between us. I put this picture of us at a baseball game I had on Photobucket on her myspace comments page. I also left it as a comment on a few of her friends myspace pages. The next day I noticed the comments after my picture were kind of weird. "That looks like a sticky situation" and the less subtle "Nice load." I wondered what they meant but I figured they were just part of an inside joke. Later that day my soon to be ex-girlfriend called and asked if I had deleted those money shot pictures. I said I had. She called me a fucking liar and said we were done. I was not sure where that had come from so I looked on my computer and couldn't find them. That's when I remembered the comments on her page. I clicked on the picture I had left as a comment and it took me to my Photobucket album and there they were, her smiling face covered in jizz. Everyone had seen them. A sticky situation indeed.


Anonymous said...

WOW, that must have been some load. You took the pics and then you should have rubbed it all over her face and said it's good for your complexion.


Stylez said...

How ironic, I told her it was good for acne so I got to shoot loads on her chest for about a week.

Anonymous said...

Ya but that means she had chest acne. **Shudder**

Stylez said...

Acne or no acne, I got to shoot loads all over her tits and neck like a porn star for a week. I'll take it.

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