My first 3-way

Friday, September 18, 2009

So KN and I were stuffing Halloween bags for the cities big Fall Fair. Working with us was this new girl who had just been hired. After about an hour of stuffing bags and talking KN and I started to put on the moves. We started asking her sexual questions like, "Do you do anal?" and, "Swallow?" To our surprise she was answering them and asking a few of her own like, "You guys ever had a three way?" Not wanting to sound inexperienced we answered, "Of course." She said she had not had a three way, but always wanted to try one. If that wasn't the biggest open invitation to a three way, I don't know what is. KN said, "We should help you with that." She said she wasn't sure because we had just met and she was moving to Canada in a few weeks. I said, "What a great going away gift." She gave us her number and told us to call her after nine that night and if she answered then we could meet up. KN and I could not believe our good fortune.

At nine o'clock on the nose I made the call. Giddy like school children we waited for her to answer. We got the voice mail. I figured she had come to her senses and decided not to get down with us. Disappointed, but not surprised, KN and I turned on the TV. Right then my phone rang. I answered and the slut from work said, "Sorry I didn't answer, but I was on the other line with my boyfriend." "Your boyfriend?" I said. She told me that she met him online and that's who she was going to Canada to live with. Like the smooth motherfucker I am, I asked, "Well do you want to leave with a bang?" She said "Yes." I couldn't believe it, but I sounded like I knew she was going to all along. I said, "Where do you want to do this?" She said she couldn't at her place. We couldn't at my place or at KN's. I thought of a perfect place, our dirty little band practice space in a large storage unit. It had a nice little couch and a desk to use. She said ok.

We all met at the storage unit complex. We walked inside and made small talk for a little bit. I could tell everyone was a bit nervous and not sure how to get this started. I said, "I've seen enough movies with three ways in them so KN, you should start kissing her while she jerks me." He did and she did. KN started to kiss down her body when he got to her waist. He pulled down her pants and an odor arose from her nether regions that would have made lesser men puke. Like the trooper he was, KN just started kissing his way back up. With the stench of a week old tuna melt in the air, I laid her down on the couch and started doing my thing.

KN sat down next to her head and she reached over and started jerking him. I tapped him on the head and motioned with my finger to put his dick in her mouth. He said "I don't know if I can get hard with you in here." I told him to try his best. He put it in her mouth, but no luck. I said "Let me finish and she is all yours buddy." I took care of my business and got up and walked into the other room where the band equipment was. I sat down behind the drums as KN started to pump away. Bored, I started to play a simple little beat with the bass drum and snare. KN yelled to me "Play the beat faster!" Apparently he was pumping to the beat I was playing. I overlooked the weirdness and started to play faster. KN was thrusting as fast as I played. Lucky for me he did not last long.

We all walked out and she said thanks. She got in her car and drove off. KN and I started laughing. Band practice would never be the same, that's for sure.


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